NTS was founded in 1968 as a mainframe computer service bureau, and in 1979 began offering voter registration and election night tabulation services. Spurred on by legislation passed in New York State requiring Boards to perform election night tabulations for the media, NTS found itself at the forefront of providing comprehensive computerized services to Boards of Elections within New York State.

In the mid 1980's, NTS transitioned to providing election related systems on mid-range computers and subsequently PC networks. In addition, NTS was the first company in the Country to automate digitized signatures into the elections process. Prior to this development, management of original signature cards was a costly and cumbersome process for boards of elections to administrate. The new system, processed and linked digitized voter signatures to voter records so that they could be retrieved on PC monitors or printed in poll books at election time. With this new technology, NTS' business expanded into multiple states.

NTS customers expect proactive service and support. It is an NTS tradition. Annual user group meetings take on the appearance of pep rallies as NTS reveals enhancements in system design that improve workflow and address the ever-changing Federal and State election requirements.

What started with one relationship with a single New York based County Board of Elections has grown into a portfolio which includes customers in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana and Georgia. Today NTS proudly provides election based solutions to County Boards of Elections, School Districts, Towns, Villages and Fire Districts throughout these 5 states. Millions of voters were served on NTS platforms during the 2012 General Election alone!

With the reputation we have developed over the past 30 years of serving the elections industry, it's no surprise NTS Data Services, LLC has become the company of choice for state of the art election management products and services!