Budget Vote Management, Voter Registration

TEAM-ED is a customized version of our robust and user-friendly election management software system, TEAM, which is used by the majority of County Boards of Elections throughout New York. TEAM-ED provides accurate voter information in a very timely manner, simplifies the registration process, provides better tracking of district voters and utilizes important demographic information to help manage voter turnout.


Voter Information Center

Voter Information Center

The Web based Voter Information Center takes the data from your voter registration and election management systems and allows the voter to access it through the web. Availability of this information over the web significantly cuts down on telephone calls to your office during the busiest time of the year and results in a high degree of voter satisfaction in the service provided.

With NTS' Web based Voter Information Center, from TEAM-ED, voters can:

No additional entry of data is required, all relevant information is pulled from TEAM and eSuite systems.

Hosted at NTS' location for simplicity of management and assurance of availability.

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Full Document Imaging / Signature Digitization

NTS continues to be a leader in document imaging through the Sign-It and Image-It family of systems. Integration of NTS' imaging products allows offices to manage and control one of their biggest headaches - paper. All relevant voter information is displayed along with voter registration, absentee and poll worker data to give a true picture of the voter.