County Board of Elections

Our expansive portfolio of election-based software systems, applications and services coupled with our outstanding customer support is what sets NTS apart from the rest.

  • TEAM: Total Election Administration Management
  • PACETS: Petition and Candidate Management
  • ENR: Election Night Reporting
  • EPB: Electronic Poll Book
  • VRA: Voter Referral Application
  • Mail Check: Voter Address Verification Services
  • Print Services: Poll Books & Ballots

TEAM, Total Election Administration Management, is our 6th generation of voter registration and management software and is the heart of a highly integrated group of NTS election software applications.  TEAM is the only voter registration system specifically built around New York State Election Law, providing 50 NYS counties with the tools and design architecture necessary to meet both todays’ and tomorrows’ changing election requirements.  And that’s just the beginning!

  • An intuitive dashboard design to quickly and efficiently manage work flow changes
  • Robust Absentee Voter Management capabilities
  • Poll Worker Management
  • Electronic processing of NCOA, Health Department, Department of Motor Vehicle and other data files
  • User defined reporting and statistical breakdowns
  • NYSVoter compatibility

PACETS is a petition management workhorse designed to deliver a comprehensive solution in managing your time-consuming petition processes, while also maintaining critical candidate information.

  • Automatic assignment of a Petition ID
  • Automatic loading of apportionment data to calculate the number of signatures required for petitions
  • Generating candidate, petition, tracking reports and files
  • Maintains a full complement of data on your candidates, including the ability to make changes once that candidate has been entered into the Petition management portion of the system
  • Easy creation of forms, such as hang-up sheets, candidate lists and invalid candidate lists

Our Election Night Reporting application is cloud-based, so there is no hardware to buy or maintain. Built around the core technology utilized in your NTS TEAM suite of systems, TEAM-ENR provides your administrator and users with a highly robust and interactive interface they will enjoy utilizing.  Provides both the voter and candidate with a front row seat to where the action is on Election Night!

  • Designed for Infinite Load. Deliver superior levels of performance and meet critical hit or response times associated with a busy election night
  • Scalable to meet the needs of a simple or complex election night — while delivering ease of use from both the administrative and public perspective
  • Various map options which allow you to display the reporting status of each election district, results from a specific race, and percentage or voter turnout by district
  • Results can be previewed before they are made public
  • All public results pages are updated and refreshed without any user interaction as soon as the user initiates the publish process in the TEAM-ENR admin interface
  • Allows users to publish Certified Official Election Results including absentee and affidavit votes for each candidate and party endorsement per district and race

Specifically engineered to comply with NY Election Law requirements and work seamlessly with TEAM, our Electronic Poll Book software brings to the table several county centric features and benefits unmatched in the industry.  Many of the features designed into the system were based on customer input including:

  • Cost effective flexibility which allows the system to run on a number of hardware platforms
  • Utilizes county acquisition of hardware approach for greater cost saving, better hardware maintenance, support and a timelier resolution of hardware issues
  • Easily configured workstations to address changes to your poll site(s)
  • Minimal preparation and training; TEAM-EPB is remarkably simple and easy to use, even for an older demographic of poll workers
  • Incorporates safe guard features allowing for continued use of workstation operation regardless of network, communication, or hardware failure
  • Automates the process of updating voter history and voter name changes after an election reducing post-election processing from weeks to hours or minutes – so manpower is better utilized

NTS’ Voter Referral Application delivers a fast and easy means of providing polling place and voter information data to your election day workers; thus, greatly improving the overall experience for voters and inspectors alike.

  • Saves time. Eliminates the need to turn a voter away or call the Board of Elections because a voter cannot be found in a voter list
  • Quickly and accurately directs your voters to the correct table in a multi-district poll site
  • Voters who are in the wrong district can be accurately identified and then directed to their proper polling location
  • Utilizes off the shelf hardware that can later be utilized for your electronic poll book
  • Gets your folks ready for the implementation of electronic poll books and will allow you to smoothly transition when the time comes!

NTS’s complete Mail Check Service delivers 100% of the requirements outlined in Article 4-117 of State Election Law, while providing significant savings in both printing and postal cost.

NTS pioneered the development of the digitized poll books we use today — with the first poll book generated from our Niagara Falls print facilities in 1986.  The process is simple — you provide us the appropriate file and we do the rest including printing, binding and quality control.