School Districts

NTS offers an array of products and services that will increase the accuracy and efficiency of all your District voting events. 

  • TEAM-ED: Total Election Administrative Manager for Education
  • eSign: The Modern Way to Sign a Poll Book
  • VIP: Voter Information Portal

Minimize your stress and vote YES for NTS if your School District:

  • Crosses into more than 1 county
  • Shares a town with another school district
  • Is an enlarged city school district
  • Has personal registration requirements
  • Allows walk-in or same day registration
  • Uses paper records, such as blank sign in sheets, voter cards in binders, paper ballots, etc.
  • Wants to minimize time spent handling FOIL requests
  • Would like more security at the poll sites
  • Wishes to improve the overall voter experience

Our easy to use vote management system, TEAM-ED, is a complete source of school district voter data

  • Defines your district and poll site boundary lines using geo-coded addresses
  • Complies with all SED voting requirements
  • Provides voter statistics and demographic information on your voting population
  • Generates all reports necessary to run a vote with ease
  • Produces poll books with pre-printed verification signatures
  • Includes absentee ballot reconciliation features
  • Saves time with quick and easy FOIL request responses

The Modern Way to Sign a Poll Book

  • Replaces paper poll books, lists and sign-in sheets
  • Reduces labor and staffing needs
  • Voters sign a tablet instead of paper
  • Produces real-time poll lists
  • Original records saved digitally, not in boxes
  • Equipment powered by NTS, no hardware investment required by District

Powered by Google, Voter Information Portal is a convenient resource for your district voters

  • Accessible from any computer or smart device
  • Provides directions to poll site
  • Displays current ballot
  • Reduces calls to the District